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Water Feature Gallery
Water is another exciting element that can be added to the landscape. Water offers calming effects, movement, sound, light, drama and can offer a new perspective to a landscape. Water features can be adapted to fit any size garden, because even the smallest feature can make an instant focal point. A pond or stream will also allow a wider variety of plants that prefer bog conditions or waterlogged soil to be added to the garden. Water gardens are economically friendly and a properly installed water feature requires only some maintenance. At Lloyd's Landscapes we specialize in a variety of water features such as: Ponds, Pond-less Waterfalls and Fountains. Since each water feature is uniquely designed, please be aware that materials are ordered per design and are not stocked at Lloyd's Landscapes. 
Pond with Waterfall
Koi Pond with Two Waterfalls in a courtyard
Close up of Koi Pond
This pond is installed by a swimming pool.
Another view of the pond by a swimming pool.
Courtyard with a fountain
Fountain close up in courtyard
Pond Installation - Digging out the cavity for the liner for the pondless waterfall.
Installing the pond liner to the pondless waterfall.
Rock Installation of the pondless waterfall.
Adding water and running the pondless waterfall to check for leaks and flow patterns.
Finished Pondless Waterfall
Wide view of the pondless waterfall.
Pondless waterfall with paver area.